Social Media Syndication: Let Tech Data help you initiate conversations with your community

Reach out to new contacts and become a trusted partner in your community. Social media can help you stoke interest within new contacts, as well as keep in touch with your prospects who may be in the early stages of their buying process. Since social media is a tool used to foster communities, Tech Data is here to help you become a more influential voice on Tech Data products and services and build trust within your market. One of the hardest parts in becoming an influential voice in any social dialogue is providing quality information on an ongoing basis. With social media syndication from Tech Data, you will be provided with a library of valuable content that you can use when engaging with your community. This content is provided along with a delivery infrastructure that easily allows you to push the content through multiple social media outlets. You're therefore provided with an instrument that supplements your own social contributions with those provided by Tech Data.

The Benefits of Social Media Syndication

  • Minimizes the time it takes to engage in social media
  • Delivers analytics that detail the effectiveness of social media efforts
  • Provides content for you to easily enhance your social discussions
  • Content is adjusted automatically to match your brand guidelines
  • Helps amplify your message with fresh, relevant content

How it Works

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